"Fun, interesting, not just another workout. Very therapeutic and invigorating."

- Danielle H


"Traditional gyms have always intimidated me. The complex machinery, the fit people who've attained their goals, and the fear of face-planting on a treadmill kept me away. It wasn't until Elesia encouraged me to join her small group sessions that I realized the importance of fitness and nutrition. The small class size allows for "individualized" attention as well as builds a sense of community among your peers.

Rolling out of bed early is tough but the results are worth it. " 

-Tyeesha A


"The training is intense and accountability is appropriate. Elesia will take your hand and walk you through, motivate you, and pick you up when you fall. There's no such thing as a stupid question and she adheres the workout to your strengths, but will still push you until the point your body cant take anymore and help motivate you to keep going."

-Jasmine S.